Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ –Part-3

Hi Readers, Here it the MCQ on the Topic  Banking & Financial awareness, Hope you like it 1. Who said that “economics is the science which treats of wealth”. Walker JS Mill Adam Smith J.B say 2. Which is/are feature of in perfect competition? Price determination revenue more loss more income 3. Capital budgeting is a Long term expenditur short term expenditure both A and B none of these 4. Cardinal approach is related to

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Financial Awareness

Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ –Part-2

Hi reader, Here i am  tried to provide you quiz for  Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ . Hope you like it. 1. Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists ? (1) Union List (2) Concurrent list (3) State List (4) 1 and 3 2. WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) is related with———–. (1) Insurance (2) Government Securities (3) Dope Testing (4) Stock Exchange 3.  Bank Rate is———– (1) Rate at which commercial banks borrow

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