Financial Awareness

Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ –Part-2

Hi reader, Here i am  tried to provide you quiz for  Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ . Hope you like it. 1. Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists ? (1) Union List (2) Concurrent list (3) State List (4) 1 and 3 2. WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) is related with———–. (1) Insurance (2) Government Securities (3) Dope Testing (4) Stock Exchange 3.  Bank Rate is———– (1) Rate at which commercial banks borrow

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Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ --Part-1

Banking & Financial Awareness MCQ –Part-1

Hi reader, Here i am  tried to provide you quiz for  Banking & Financial Awareness. hope you like it. 1.In which year Punjab National Bank was established ? (1) 1880 (2) 1887 (3) 1894 (4) 1900 2. What is the full form of ‘CORE’ in core banking services ? (1) Channel of Rupee Exchange. (2) Customer Online Realtime Exchange. (3) Centralized Online Rupee Exchange. (4) Centralized Online Real-time Exchange. 3. Open unemployment refers to people- (1) Who

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Sixteenth Mahajanpadas and Magadha Empire MCQ

Sixteenth Mahajanpadas MCQ In Indian History Q.1 In which Mahajanapada Gautama Buddha was died? A: Vatsa B: Kosala C: Mall D: Anga Q.2 Who was the first foreigner to invade India? A: Alamgir B: Muhammad bin Quasim C: Mahmud of Ghazni D: Darius I Q.3 Who was the first monarch of Magadh in 16th century B.C. A: Chandragupta Maurya B: Bimbisara C: Sishunaga D: Devadutta Q.4 Which was the earliest capital of Magadha? A: Vaishali B: Benarash C: Rajgir D: Patliputra

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Vedic Civilization

Vedic period

Q.1 Main different between Indus and Vedic civilization was – a: Indus: Urban and Vedic: Rural b: Indus worship: Piple tree and Vedic worship: Burgad tree c: Indus: Trade and Vedic: Religion d: Indus: belief: Nonviolence and Vedic: No particular rule; Q.2 Gayatri Mantra contained in A: Rigveda B: Samaveda C: Ramayana D: Mahabharata Q.3 Gayatri Mantra dedicated to ________ deity? A: Varuna B: Savitri C: Samaveda D: Indra Q.4 The most significant divinity of Rigveda was A: Rudra

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Indus Valley Civilization

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Indus Valley Civilization MCQ on Indus Valley Civilization Question 1 : The excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro were carried out by the then Director General of Archaeological Survey of India, whose name was John Hubert Marshall John Galt Herbert Simon Sean Gilbert Marshall Question 2 : The Indian who was involved in the excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro was SD Rathore KK Menon RD Banerjee RD Sharma Question 3

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